After finishing a Masters in Child Psychotherapy, Jada went on to blog about mental health and self care. Taking a career detour from her Doctorate into modelling and using social media as a tool to for self expression and positive change.


Born and raised in London.

Ambassador for L'Oreal & Young Minds Charity.

Advocate for mental health & self esteem. #MentalHealthMatters.






....By Jada Sezer 

We are all people that live, breath and walk the same planet, just in different shoes, on different roads, within different societies. 

In my society we place more importance on the external and neglect our internal. I often see a lot of discourse and depression stemming from this. 

Jadasezer.com is a platform where I acknowledge both the internal 'being human' and external.

Both aspect  needs nurturing, nourishment and appreciation especially when we live in a society that places huge importance on the way we look.

 My aim is to help people to become well rounded, confident individuals, learn the skills to empower themselves and more importantly their best version  however that transpires.